Which threads and comments can be locked?
We try to eliminate censorship from our project, because we ourselves are interested in reading what you think about different ideas.

But the format of the project involves discussion of different topics, which means that some topics and comments may be blocked.

This is for example:

1. Comments that simply insult the participants in the conversation and are not a joke.

Example: "You're stupid, dumb, bastard, etc."

You can make arguments and reasoning to prove your position is correct, but you can't just insult other juror-commenters.
  • Empty insults only show the weakness of the insulter's position, as it means that the author can't make really interesting and logical arguments to prove his position to others.
  • Also, such a comment simply wastes the time of other project participants who read it and really want to understand the topic under discussion.

2. Comments that contradict the laws of the country where the participant of the conversation who left this comment is located.

Yes, we are well aware that some countries are insane in their laws, which can contradict even the laws of basic logic.

So we have to constantly balance between:
- Safety,
- Accessibility of the project,
- Maximum freedom of speech for everyone.
Even if you comment anonymously, remember that some topics may not be allowed for open discussion in certain countries.

You can harm yourself if:
  • You are a citizen of a country where the topic you are discussing is prohibited.
  • If you are careless in what you say and your identity is discovered. (For example, if law enforcement searches your phone).

Remember this and take care, you and your opinion are very important to us.
  1. As soon as there are legal opportunities to expand the topics for publications, we will implement them.
  2. We are constantly trying to make the project as free as possible to speak freely and at the same time safe for you, other participants in the conversation and for us.

3. Topics related to Russia, Ukraine and comments from Russian users may be blocked.

It is more complicated here, but we will try to explain.

---- At the moment, the laws of the Russian Federation do not allow to ensure safety for commentators located on the territory of Russia. For example, some of the laws make it impossible to comment on certain topics in principle.
Any statement on the site of a citizen of the Russian Federation may be unsafe for him and his family.

---- Some of our specialists are located in Russia. They have no possibility to leave, as they help the population strata left without financial means and legal protection. In case of public negative statements towards the government of the Russian Federation, they could literally face death.

We are very, very, very aware of the disastrous consequences of restricting freedom of speech and we are doing everything we can under the circumstances in which some of our team members find themselves.

Note: there is no reference in this paragraph to any reason or assessment of the rightness or wrongness of any events. It is just a general description of an opinion about the impact of censorship in principle on the world around us.

4. Comments insulting the judge.

The "Zaprotiv.com" court judge is a faceless, unbiased force that makes its decision based on your arguments.
This force has no original opinion and no bias on any issue. This force ensures that the judicial process is in order.

That's why you can't insult the judge.

At the same time, the Lawyer and the Prosecutor, although they are representatives of your opinion, still have their facial expressions and human appearance, which may cause different emotions in different people.

Although the Attorney and the Prosecutor merely represent your arguments posted on "Zaprotiv.com", we understand that different people may have different opinions about these statements. When the topic under discussion is particularly important to you, your statement to an attorney or prosecutor may become overly emotional. Understanding this, we are more loyal to criticism of the Lawyer and Prosecutor, but absolutely do not accept insulting a judge.

5. Comments about animals may be blocked.

The logic here is pretty simple.

You and I are creating a fair and honest trial of ideas, personalities and crimes that affect the whole world. In this court, everyone can express their opinion, and if that opinion becomes popular, it can affect everything around you.


  • Attorney and Prosecutor present arguments and evidence at trial to the jury - Zaprotiv.com commenters. That is, your comments.
  • You jurors - Zaprotiv.com court commentators are living people who prove their position to other people through dialog.

  • Cannot provide evidence and arguments in dialog to defend their position and themselves. Humans do it for them.
  • Due to their evolutionary peculiarities, they cannot understand the cause-and-effect relationships of world events.
  • They are very vulnerable, almost any decision made by humans can fatally affect animals.

- A person did not put out a match, the forest burned down;
- Threw a fishing line into the sea, killing a fish that got tangled in it;
- Did not clean up the garbage, the animal ate a plastic bag with food scraps and died.

Therefore, everything that concerns animals by the Zaprotiv.com court is given special attention because animals, due to the vulnerability of their position in relation to humans, cannot be juror-commentators and therefore cannot defend themselves in defending the ideas that may affect them.

To maximize fairness, any comment on the topic of animals may be blocked.

6. Also, the site administration reserves the right to block any comment or author at its discretion:

- Advertising in a post, nickname or avatar.
For example: it is now common to post links to pornographic sites instead of author nicknames or avatars. We want everyone to be able to express their opinion, but if the opinion, nickname or avatar is not related to the topic under discussion, but is just an advertisement, then the comment and the author may be blocked.

- Comments that are not related to the topic under discussion at all
For example: in a thread about abortion, a person leaves the comment "I was looking at a pineapple today". If it is not a quote, a meme, a joke, but just a phrase not related to any context, then such a comment can be deleted. Because it just "clogs up" the chat.

In lieu of a conclusion:

We remember everything: what was done by whom, and those who are no longer with us because of it.

No one has forgotten anything and will not forget, as soon as it is possible, there will be a world trial on the site "Zaprotiv.com" over all crimes.

More detailed legal rules for the use of the site can be found here