We want to make it the most convenient service for you to discuss the topics that create the reality that surrounds you and me. Minimizing censorship. (Only commenters who insult other participants are subject to censorship).

The most important people who influence the script of the series and the format of the development of topics are you.

The money raised and profits from the project are spent on:

  1. Order additional servers so that the site does not crash from a large number of users.
  2. Rewrite the site code on a separate engine to make it work faster.
  3. Make a personal account for users, so that no one can not sign someone else's nickname.
  4. Add the ability to upload avatars in the personal account, which are displayed in chats and in the outgoing series.
  5. Add the ability to link to various information, articles, tweets, etc.
  6. Develop a "Replay" system where you can receive notifications of how many likes your opinion has gotten and how popular they are, as well as see popular arguments from other users to your comment with the ability to quickly respond to them.
  7. Insert screenshots into posts.
  8. Do less advertising so users can focus more on the topic at hand.
  9. Develop a "Save" folder system so that you can conveniently save your favorite comments from other authors and information from other sources.
  10. Add news feed functionality so that site administrators can publish news faster and users can save them to a "Save" folder.
  11. The ability to mark in the comment to which comment your comment was left.
  12. Hire additional lawyers to ensure that the project does not fall under the criminal prosecution of various countries, can provide maximum legal security for the users of the site and leave user comments without censorship as far as possible.
  13. Highlighting special color posts from the site creators with new episodes released so you don't miss them.
  14. Marking the chat icons of the most respected jurors. Whose words are most often listened to and whose comments are most likely to make it into the series. (As a reminder, the most popular thoughts are determined by you using likes).
  15. The ability to edit a comment within the first 5 minutes. (For example, if a person wanted to write a comment "for", but accidentally wrote a comment "against".).
  16. Improve the quality of shooting the series: add scenery, order more professional equipment for filming.
  17. Improve the performance of the actors.
  18. Ability to view all episodes of a particular session, when clicking on the scales icon in the chat.
  19. Improve the look of the site: color ratio, button sizes, text, etc.
  20. Level 2 commenting under comments.
  21. Add the ability to comment on the words of the lawyer or prosecutor directly from the video.
  22. Hire site moderators. Who will check messages for legal violations and messages contrary to the rules of use of the site.
  23. Add functionality to comments so that it is possible to complain about a comment if the comment violates the site rules.
  24. Develop and add a tablet version of the site.
  25. A system that automatically finds and filters out comments that are not relevant to the topic of discussion. For example, in a thread about abortion, a person leaves the comment. "I was looking at a pineapple today." If it is not a quote, a meme, a joke, just a phrase related to the context of another phrase. Then that comment can be deleted. Because it just "clogs up" the chat.
  26. Ensure the safety of the part of the project team that are under legal restrictions and life threatening due to territorial location.
  27. Hall of Fame. The most respected by you commenters, who in your opinion led the most interesting comments.

Secret developments:
  1. Ability to add "evidence": witnesses, links to articles, etc.
  2. Investigator mode for those who like to investigate crimes.
  3. Special notification system.
  4. Levels of admission to important evidence.